Increase Sales with an Integrated Website and CRM

Increase Sales with an Integrated Website and CRM

Improve Sales with an Integrated Website and CRMYour website is the shop window to the world. It takes just a handful of seconds for a site visitor to decide if they want to go any further than your homepage. If they decide they like what they see, they will indeed investigate further and in the long run, potentially become a lifelong customer. 

If you’ve done all you can to engage them and taken them through the sales journey to becoming a customer, you’ll want a highly robust ‘back end’ system to be able to work well with your website and handle the hundreds of enquiries you’ll get each month.

Regardless of the size of your business, if you don’t have a seamless system that helps you and your sales team provide incredible customer service then you’ll fall down from the second they make a purchase of your service or product. When it comes to making sales, if you waste time, you’ll lose customers. This is where an integrated CRM system comes in.

One way to ensure you are able to develop the very best customer relationships is to integrate a powerful Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help you not only capture the data in an instant but enable you and your teams to have that data at your fingertips and all your digital systems integrated as one.

Within the CRM, all systems are combined and everything becomes virtually automated. Information is stored in real time and can be accessed by all relevant parties within seconds. You and your teams save valuable time because of this, meaning you can all get on with converting leads and increasing business.

A CRM makes your working life so much easier because you have one single data source for all of your contacts internally and externally. There’s no time spent putting in data manually, it’s all added straight from your website during the enquiry and sales process.

Integrating your website with your CRM also means you’re not wasting hours a month on manually typing out orders, reports and sales stats, putting in reminders and going from one system to another just to do the simplest of tasks. Your administrative processes can be seriously simplified which means greater productivity and huge savings on staffing.

When your website is integrated with your CRM system you have a breadcrumb trail of your customers entire sales journey. This type of information is invaluable because you then have data which enables you to understand their purchase and decision making patterns from the moment they landed on your homepage. Knowledge is power!

Having this level of information to hand 24/7 enables you to target your marketing campaigns, your sales, special offers and new products or services. You are reaching out to an already receptive audience because you have the data to effectively give them what they want.

Helping you to convert visitors into leads and leads into customers is exactly what your integrated website and CRM should do. The entire sales process should be streamlined, enabling you and your company to do better business which leads to more sales and happy customers. Happy customers means repeat business so everyone wins.