Business Benefits of Live Video Streaming

Business Benefits of Live Video Streaming

business benefits of live video streamingWe’re almost wrapping things up here at the SurCo office. It’s been a fantastic year with some incredible achievements made by the team, and we would like to thank them and our customers for choosing to work with Sure Communication.

Despite self-imploding smart phones and cars, generally speaking, 2016 has been an overall positive year for many businesses and has seen huge leaps forward in technology and digital development.

One very exciting development for online marketing is the live video streaming service now being introduced by several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook).

This allows your audience to share in an experience with you as it happens. It’s a fantastic new way to connect to your audience and can also be used as a way to boost your business and your brand.

Here’s why.

Customers and consumers like authenticity. People buy from people and brands they trust. So this latest online marketing tool won’t just help you reach people on a global scale but can also help them buy into your brand and your marketing message within seconds.

You can also measure the metrics of your video and see the names and comments of those who are watching. The video remains on your timeline for future views and shares via other social media platforms or even via your blog.

It takes no time at all to shoot a live video. A 30 second video insight or tip can have a massive impact on your online followers, and you can even use the comments to answer questions and further connect with your audience whilst filming and after too.

The people of today want fast insights and rapid information. Live video provides you with an instant and interactive way of connecting with your audience in a way that no other online tool or software does. It’s also the ideal way of communicating and marketing your message to those who are ‘visual’ responders.

Brands and businesses can reach a far wider demographic through the medium of live video streaming.

Traditional content marketing still has its place and is indeed a very relevant tool for SEO but live video streaming has the ability to reach people in a totally different way, and allows them to become involved in your business, company or product in a way not previously available.

You could use it to highlight a new product or service, give your audience a behind the scenes view of how your business works, introduce them to a new staff member, deliver TED talk type seminars, do a live Q&A, share a live feed of a conference you’re attending so others can share in your experience, the possibilities to connect with your audience in this way are endless. You could even announce when you’ll be live and where you’re videoing from so that your audience is ready and waiting for your feed. LIVE NOW! Watch…

You could even create your own live video channel where people can tune in at the same day and time every week or month to watch your ‘show’.

If your viewer likes what they see they are likely to share it across their networks within seconds of watching it which means you reach more people and potential customers without having done much at all.

According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, video will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2019. 100 million people watch online videos, every, single, day.

As we have reported on many times before with the latest innovations in digital, there is of course some controversy over how live content can be effectively managed to ensure it isn’t abused by those wishing to post graphic or offensive content. It’s a work in progress but looks set to soar in popularity in 2017.

There’s even more exciting developments for live video feed and that’s 360 degree filming, which is fantastic for all types of business but especially those such as estate agencies, interior designers and architects.

If you haven’t heard of live video streaming or have but haven’t tried it yet then why not have a go over the festive break so you can then incorporate it into your marketing plan for 2017 when you return in January.

Happy filming, Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year from all of us at SurCo.