Targeted Marketing for Car Users

Targeted Marketing for Car Users

Targeted Marketing for Car Users DeLoreanTargeted marketing for car users is actually going to be a real thing in all of our futures. Exactly how that is going to play out is still a bit of a mystery but the possibilities are certainly intriguing.

We work with several automobile related brands, so this topic is one we’re keen to stay updated on and believe it’s a fascinating area developing in the digital marketing field.

So, let’s take a look at the potential of how brands are likely to share targeted marketing for car users a little more closely.

If you have a newly passed driver in your family, you may be aware of car insurance companies that now monitor new drivers behaviour via an APP (or with a black box) which helps them to determine if the driver is safe, if they are, then they are likely to receive up to 20% discount on their driving insurance which is rather a lot considering new driver insurance is well, rather a lot!

This is just the tip of the iceberg for collecting drivers data, because of the latest digital technologies being developed in cars. Built in sat navs have been around for some time now, and the IoT connectivity between your car and every other digital ‘thing’ you use or interact with is a sea of data just waiting to be fished by those wanting to target their market. This concept may seem a little scary but of course with all things data now, protections will inevitably be put in place to protect consumers.

The potential data available to car manufacturers is no longer limited.

Modern cars can now collect an enormous amount of data from your car, how you drive, where you drive, how you utilise your car, when you last had it serviced, what maintenance requirements it has, what you listen to on your media device, who you last called hands free…

Every bit of information your car can provide gives marketers the ability to highly target car users, by understanding what car you drive, how you drive, where you drive and when you drive, automotive brands can help ensure your next car purchase is one that’s going to meet all of your needs, thus ensuring you remain with their brand and not their competitors!

Your in-built sat nav can already warn you where a speed camera is located, where the nearest petrol station is, that there’s a call incoming, and where the nearest car park is. You can now order your dinner to be ready to collect as you drive by your favourite restaurant (if they’re smart enough to be on the list) and what if your car told you which local petrol station had the best value offer.

Eventually the offers you receive in your car via the in-built screen/s are highly likely to target your specific journey routes and behaviour such as you receiving offers from the main brands you frequent whether related to your car or not.

You may have turned off your location GPS tracking on your mobile phone, but turning off the GPS in your car really isn’t a good idea unless you plan to remain in the dark ages and use a hand held map, therefore, every single move you make in your car will be traceable!

Your car already informs you when your brake light goes out, when you’re running low on petrol, when you need to switch up or down gear (if manual), so it’s not really a stretch to imagine just what these automobiles will be capable of in the future, especially as we’re heading toward completely electric cars and we’re already in the 21st Century…

All we need now is the DeLorean, the Blade Runner Spinner car and Knight Riders car ‘Kit’ (showing our age there!) to become reality and we will literally be flying into the future, or is that back to the future?

With voice driven technology coming on leaps and bounds, it’s not beyond our imagination that this is how we will all communicate with our cars in the not too distant future. It’s the smart thing to do really as it’s clear that even just switching on the aircon means taking your life into your hands and putting it in the hands of other with so many crazy drivers on the road these days. Imagine telling your car to turn on the aircon all whilst keeping both hands on the steering wheel and your eyes on the road.

Marketers are in pole position here to be able to provide information and advertising within the car environment when the driver and passengers are literally all ears.

This is exciting news for car manufacturers and automotive marketers, but it goes far beyond those limitations and seems that this is a whole new world many brands are yet to discover as a way to aim targeted marketing for car users.